Cable TV Shows - Community Outreach

FHS Consultants is committed to serving as an informational conduit for communication for seniors and caregivers, as well as industry professionals. Click below to see our Televised Panel Discussions with professionals from healthcare communities.

Cable TV Shows - Community Outreach Topics:

  • • Eligibility and enrollment: determination of eligibility for Long Term Nursing Care / post-eligibility rules / spousal impoverishment / net available monthly income (NAMI) / look-back periods / transfer penalties / community Medicaid.
  • • MLTC Services: Care management / Home care / Personal care / long-term care services / Social day care and adult day health care / Nursing
  • • Not-for-Profit Institutions: Mission vs Margin / Care-giving philosophy / What makes the difference? Leadership profiles/ Financial issues for the business side / Community outreach
  • • What does the future hold for Hemorrhaging Hospitals /Insurance reimbursements / Managed care changes / Caregiving responsibility vs margins /margins vs mission / Can providers survive reimbursement reductions and delays?
  • • Patient Contributions: Medicaid patients: should they pay for service? What kind of impact would this have on social services? Would patients become more “compliant” if they had to contribute to the cost of care?
  • • Transition Planning: inpatient setting / rehabilitation setting / community / long term placement/ formal discharge planning / patient centered discharge planning / care management / assessed needs/ SNF authorizations / care management teams / best practices