In addition to the services provided to Skilled Nursing Facilities, FHS Consultants’ eligibility and collection specialists help both Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHA's) and Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSA's) with billing and collection services.


FHS Consultants understands every financial aspect of the healthcare industry, including claims, reimbursements, collections and federal regulations. Oftentimes an entire A/R aging requires assistance from our financial experts. Most cases which are difficult to recover are successfully handled by our team. We will not rest until every possible effort is made to get the claims paid. We work strictly on a performance basis – we get paid when we recover your money. Our company covers all costs incurred in the collection of your debt. You owe us nothing until you receive payment.

FHS Consultants has successfully recovered millions of dollars on what were previously considered “uncollectable receivables.” We achieve an extraordinarily high ratio, and have assisted numerous clients in getting their A/R back on track where it belongs.

Our software provides frequent notification indicators to identify the account collection progress, and alerts us to proceed to the next step for a successful recovery of the claim.
Very often debt that has previously been assumed as “bad” will be recovered by our experts. This is because we do not assume a debt is uncollectable until every possible collection effort has been executed prior to write off.