Through our sister company PIMM Communications, FHS Consultants is redefining expectations of Medicaid application processing. PIMM is an Authorized Submitter of electronic applications that interface with NYC's Medicaid Eligibility System (EDITS).

System Features of PIMM:

  • • Front dashboard shows the status of all cases, from entry through approval.
  • • All Medicaid Forms are prefilled using demographic information, with the ability to update all fields.
  • • Unique Notes System allows greater internal communication among facility’s staff; between facility’s staff and management; and between representatives of the facility and PIMM
  • • A One Scan System separates and categorizes all forms and backup documentation as required by Medicaid
  • • System-Generated Reminders to follow-up on cases
  • • No dedicated scanner needed
  • • Ability to print and save scanned documents
  • • Software Developed with your needs in mind!
  • • Paperless Medicaid Application
  • • All documents are uploaded in a single scan
  • • Web-based software requires no installation
  • • Dedicated staff is available to solve issues
  • • Automated process dramatically decreases decision turn-around time