Experts in Healthcare Finance 

FHS Consultants’ collective family of companies are experts in healthcare finance.

FHS Consultants achieves one of the highest recovery ratios in the health care industry by pursuing a collection process that is aggressive, diplomatic, thorough and professional. Our personnel do whatever is necessary to collect your receivables while minimizing the involvement of your staff. We visit your facility to collect and copy critical information and we do not rest until your receivables are collected.


We use the latest technology and collection resources to recover your receivables. We understand the workings of your accounting and computer system which allows us to efficiently track and re-bill your outstanding charges. Our attorneys, on retainer, specialize in health care reimbursement and work to resolve your problems. We also perform Skip Tracing, DMV, Internet Searches and Reporting to the Credit Bureau.


Our employees are trained and experienced in both billing and collection procedures. Our collection successes include various payers and intermediaries: from Medicaid and Medicare to NAMI, private, HMOs and other insurance products.


Dealing with the resident’s family to recover your receivables requires great skill. Often we deal with the family after the resident is no longer at the facility or has expired. Although collection at that point is much more difficult, our technology allows us to locate delinquent family members and their assets. With our diplomatic and persistent approach we are especially effective in recovering your outstanding debt.


The Medicaid eligibility process is now more complex, requires additional documentation, and takes more time. To further complicate matters, the eligibility process often contains obstacles which cannot be resolved without a thorough knowledge of the regulations.

Why does it take so long for your Medicaid application to be approved? Are incomplete applications being submitted? Are problems overlooked?

We review each pending case and when necessary, use our unique skills to obtain the necessary documentation to get your application approved.

Are re-certifications being filed on a timely basis? Do recipients “fall off” your roster due to a tape match? We recommend scheduling techniques to assure that all certifications are submitted at the proper time. We then work with you to clear up any problems and to have dropped cases reinstated.


It takes a great deal of expertise and a special talent to deal with the seemingly endless billing requirements of HMOs, insurance companies and Medicare.

Our experienced and persistent staff are experts in dealing with HMO and Medicare requirements, and they are adept at cutting through red tape to achieve payment for your facility. Your corrected and completed claims are re-billed in electronic HIPAA compliant format to assure prompt and full payment.

Since the advent of managed care, many residents have other insurance as their primary coverage.

Is your facility experiencing problems identifying the correct insurer? Is the collection of your receivables to much of a burden? Do you constantly hear: “Sorry, No preauthorization.” “We are not the primary payer.” “Untimely filed?” Our staff is trained to “cut to the chase” and collect payment for your facility promptly, at the maximum reimbursement levels. We work strictly on a performance basis - we get paid when we recover your money. FHS Consultants covers all costs incurred in the collection of your debt. You owe us nothing until you receive payment.

Based on the Law of Diminishing Returns, the longer a debt goes unpaid, the less likely it is to be recovered. We review your procedures and aging schedules and recommend a plan of action that is suitable for your facility. Why procrastinate and turn your receivables into bad-debt? Call us today at 718.951.2200 for a free consultation.