Through our FHS Consultants family of companies, we have extensive experience in Rehabilitation and Nursing Home Administration and Management of Business offices. Some of our services include:

  • • Billing, Collections and all Accounts Receivables functions
  • • Complete Human Resource services / Payroll
  • • Accounts Payables
  • • Sales and Marketing


In a nursing home or skilled nursing facility, the responsibility for maintaining proper cash flow begins prior to admission and continues until full payment is received for services rendered.

What can be done at the time of admission to prevent future problems? It begins with pre-admission!

FHS Consultants reviews your admitting procedures and determines whether potential problems are being addressed and if the necessary information and documentation are being collected. We implement admitting procedures and checklists to assure that the appropriate questions are asked, and that the necessary forms are completed.

FHS Consultants has decades of experience with managed care and other commercial and government payer strategies. We have built relationships with major health plans, which enables us to lead our clients through the insurance and Medicaid maze, with excellent results!

FHS utilizes numerous computer systems to track all the receivables, including a unique notes system with follow up reports for our staff, to prevent issues from falling through the cracks. FHS utilizes Reliable Health Systems Visual software for all the business office functions. Visual is a web based software that affords the facility live access to all data. Furthermore, FHS Consultants developed software that is approved by NYC HRA for their EDITS program to electronically submit Medicaid applications. Our software is also accessible on the web and can be viewed live. This allows the staff of FHS to have access to all the Medicaid documentation; which greatly enhances collections of NAMI and the ability to address issues that occur with Medicaid.

As a collection agency, FHS Consultants has the unique ability to send collection letters on delinquent accounts, which further reduces problem receivables.


  • • FHS reviews the vendor’s invoices, compares them to the shipping slips to confirm receipt, and verifies the accuracy of the invoice.
  • • FHS posts the verified invoices into the system and scans the invoice for later review if necessary.
  • • FHS pays all approved invoices per the payment schedule setup from the facility.


  • • FHS verifies the weekly hours worked by each employee.
  • • FHS oversees all human resources functions and deals with the issues that arise.
  • • FHS posts and pays the weekly payrolls.


  • • FHS hires and oversees marketing staff for the facility.
  • • Marketing staff regularly visits hospitals and other sources of desired patients.
  • • FHS works with the facility to maximize reimbursement. 


FHS Consultants provides accounts receivable reduction services for outstanding Medicaid, Medicare, Private, NAMI, and HMO invoices. Our experienced staff, working in conjunction with our attorneys on retainer, have helped facilities recover millions of dollars of outstanding receivables.

FHS Consultants’ employees are trained and experienced in both billing and collection procedures. Our collection successes include various payers and intermediaries: from Medicaid and Medicare to NAMI, Private, HMOs and other insurance products.

The increasingly complex reimbursement models of commercial and government payers requires unique insights and expertise. However, FHS Consultants’ family of companies collectively work toward the mutual goal of optimizing payer revenue streams. As a collective, we possess a unique communications and energy flow which gives us broad and detailed insight into the intricacies of the healthcare market. This enables FHS Consultants to understand the issues that are important to both providers and payers. Provider reimbursements are thus optimized to the fullest.

When providing collection services to facilities, FHS only charges a fee when recovery of funds are attained. There are no fees unless we are successful in recouping money. FHS covers all expenses including attorney fees that are required for the collection of the receivables referred for collection.


Most collection issues begin at the time and of the manner of billing. Between coding issues, timely filing requirements, and MLTC roster certifications, the financial issues facing skilled nursing facilities can be daunting at best.

FHS Consultants’ family of companies has decades of experience dealing with private insurance companies and government payers. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of Medicare, Medicaid, bylaws and other legal policies, we are able to translate State and federal guidelines into effective nursing home practices which enable a smooth management of the facility, and strong, financially healthy budgets.